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The Difference Between Open-Air Photo booths and Digital Photo booths

When it comes to capturing memories at events and special occasions, photo booths have become a popular choice. With photo booths, guests can take fun, candid pictures with friends and family that they can take home as a memento. However, not all photobooths are created equal. In particular, open-air photobooths and digital photobooths have some key differences.

What is an Open-Air Photo booth?

Open-air photo booths are traditional photobooths where guests step inside the space and take pictures. These photo booths often feature props and backdrops, allowing guests to get creative with their pictures. These booths typically use high-quality cameras and lighting. Open-air photo booths also produce physical prints that guests can take home with them. This makes them a popular choice for events such as weddings, where guests can take home a physical copy of their pictures as a souvenir.

What is a Digital Photo booth?

Digital photobooths, on the other hand, are photo booths that utilize digital technology. They allow guests to take pictures that are instantly displayed on a screen and can be shared instantly via text, airdrop,

email, or social media. Digital photo booths offer a lot more flexibility than open-air photobooths and can be customized to fit the theme of the event. They are also less expensive than open-air photobooths and can be set up in many different locations.

What are the Key Differences?

  • Physical prints: Open-air photo booths produce physical prints, while digital photo booths do not.

  • Flexibility: Digital photobooths offer more flexibility as they can be set up in any location and customized to fit the theme of the event.

  • Cost: Digital photobooths are generally less expensive than open-air photobooths.

  • Sharing options: Digital photo booths offer instant sharing options such as airdrop, text, email, or social media, while open-air photo booths do you may have to pay extra for these features

  • Speed: Digital photobooths are faster as pictures are displayed on a screen instantly, while open-air photobooths require time to print the physical copies

  • Picture Quality: Open-air photobooths offer high-quality pictures as they use professional-grade DSLR cameras and lighting. Digital booths usually use webcams or integrated cameras.

Regardless if of which booth you chose, they will surely make your day rememberable. Both open-air photobooths and digital photobooths offer unique benefits and are great options for capturing memories at events and special occasions. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of the event. Whether you prefer physical prints or instant sharing, there is a photo booth option that will meet your needs.

If you are looking for a company that can help provide your event with either of these photobooths, check our PictureThisBoothLA as your go-to choice for Photobooths in the southern California area.

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